Card creating (and wine drinking)

Holly and I have been spending our free evenings snipping, sticking, stamping and sipping wine to make cards, bookmarks and business cards.

cutting out words for cards

The business cards are great for stamping out any of the days frustrations, the bookmarks require a steady hand (these are the nights when the wine comes after the making) and the cards, well the cards are just good honest fun. It might be the child in me coming out but there is nothing quite like cutting up books and making silly sentences.

Some nights we feel romantic.

one in a million card craft

Some nights we feel rude.

sexy card craft hand made

And some nights we just like to utter a few damn and blasts.

oh bloody hell card craft hand made

When I started making the cards, I would spend ages searching for the words I needed to make the sentence in my head. Then I decided to just cut out any word that appealed to me and see what happened. It quickly became apparent that this is by far the better way – faster, more creative and just more fun.

cut out words

So we hope you enjoy our upcycled cards. There should be one for whichever mood you’re in.


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