BYOB. Books we mean, not booze.

book swap and shop bunting

We’ve been asked by a few people ‘why are you having a book swap and shop? Don’t you want to sell them all and make money?’

In a word, no.

For one thing, Feed&Read has never been about making money. It’s about fostering a creative community, inspiring good lifestyle behaviours and seeing what two friends can achieve with an idea, endless mugs of tea and two supportive boyfriends (one each that is, we’re not greedy).

On top of that, book swaps are a pretty comprehensive amalgamation of some of the beliefs that we feel strongly about:

Sharing, learning and reusing.

books long

A good book swap is one you come back to, one you give your much enjoyed books to (and not just the crap self-help books you want to offload), one with a diverse range of novels and one you can get lost in, picking out authors you love and authors you’ve never heard of.

That is what we aim to be. And we’ve got a pretty incredible selection for you so far.

So while we want you to come along and spend a few quid on some homemade cakes, cards and a cup of tea, we also want you to bring along a book that you couldn’t put down, a real page turner as they say, and swap it for another.

And if you don’t have a book to swap, that’s ok, we are selling them too. And they’re nice and cheap. For £2 you can walk away with a new story to dive into. And if that wasn’t great enough, you can bring that book back next time we pop up and swap it for another, and then another and another and another.

For a tiny £2 you are actually buying a new book every month. That’s 12 whole books in one year. For under a fiver.

You wont find a bargain that good anywhere else this weekend. So scour your bookshelf, pick out a book you can bear to part with and come find us on Sunday.

We’ve got a book with your name on.*

*Not literally. That would be ridiculous. And a bit creepy.


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