Feed&Read serves seasonal cakes with a local and literary twist, accompanied by a proper cup of tea in artistic surroundings. We sell and make quality crafts made from salvaged and saved second-hand books, and run a book shop-and-swap of pre-read, pre-owned and pre-loved books recommended by unknown friends.

Feed&Read’s vision is to create a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly and informed future, by promoting good food, reading, learning, creativity and the arts.

Feed&Read values:
Learning – we want our customers to learn and experience something different by engaging with Feed&Read, perhaps through discovering a new author, having their perceptions on reusing and recycling challenged, or maybe even realising that vegetables in cakes are delicious.
Reusing – the book shop-and-swap promotes reusing, rather than just recycling.
Sharing – the bookmarks in each book are a platform for sharing personal insights and observations to inspire the next reader and encourage debate on Twitter. Feed&Read also promotes artists, makers and creators who share the same values.
Upcycling – the crafts for sale are created from old books, which were previously destined for the bin.
Seasonal and local eating – our delicious homemade cakes are made from locally sourced seasonal fruit and vegetables.
Friendship, creativity and fun – something we believe everyone should experience at least once a day.

Feed&Read is about discovery, imagination and loving what you do, and is born from a passion for creativity and desire to make a difference.


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